1. Armistice Day 1918

    Huge crowds gathered on the streets of Adelaide on 11 November 1918 to celebrate the armistice of the First World War.

    Historical Event | By Corinne Ball, Migration Museum | North Terrace | 1910s

  2. Beef Riot

    In January 1931, during the Great Depression, more than 1000 unemployed men clashed with police in protest at the replacement of beef with mutton on their ration tickets

    Historical Event | By Corinne Ball, Migration Museum | North Terrace, Southwest corner | 1930s

  3. Christmas Pageant

    One of the largest pageants in the world, come one, come all to Adelaide’s famous Christmas Pageant!

    Historical Event | By Anne Burrows | North Terrace | 1930s, late twentieth century, mid twentieth century

  4. Cup

    This cup was presented to the Art Gallery of South Australia by Queen Mary as part of Empire-wide celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of George V in 1935.

    Collection Item | North Terrace | 1830s

  5. Devotional Card

    This devotional card, written by Queen Adelaide in 1841, quotes Psalms 100:5

    Collection Item | North Terrace | 1840s

  6. First aerial ascent

    American aeronaut Thomas Gale made South Australia’s first successful aerial ascent in June 1871

    Historical Event | By Corinne Ball, Migration Museum | North Terrace | 1870s

  7. Flower Day

    Every year between 1938 and 1975 Adelaidians showed pride in their city by beautifying it with mass displays of flowers on National Flower Day.

    Historical Event | By John Davis | North Terrace | 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s

  8. The opening of Parliament 1857

    Crowds gathered on 22 April 1857 to watch Governor Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell open South Australia’s first fully elected parliament.

    Historical Event | By Mandy Paul, History Trust of South Australia | North Terrace | 1850s

  9. Urn

    Urn made by Henry Tijou and carried in Queen Adelaide's funeral procession. 

    Collection Item | North Terrace | 1840s